Jacob Freed, Usher
Jacob Freed, Usher, Estelle

 The Jacob Freed Foundation is a non-profit organization, devoted to improving the physical health and mental wellness of the 9 million children worldwide who suffer from childhood obesity. Founded by philanthropist Jacob Freed, the JFF is intended to be an asylum for victims of childhood obesity and their families, providing them with protection and education, as well as family and community based programming. With presence in schools, homes, and society in general, the JFF works diligently to abolish childhood obesity and its devastating effects, from low self-esteem and social isolation to long term health problems, empowering victims of this epidemic and presenting them with the chance to live longer, happier, healthier lives. Jacob Freed felt it his obligation to provide support for those suffering from childhood obesity, many of whom don't have the resources to recover from it. Overweight in his own childhood, Freed saw a weakness in himself that he had an opportunity to correct. Armed with the educational tools that were provided to him throughout his upbringing, and faced with the realization that so many others suffer from the same problem but lack those very tools, Freed felt compelled to lead the battle on their behalf. Inspired by his own ability to overcome the dangers and pitfalls of this epidemic, Jacob Freed and his foundation provide others with this coveted opportunity, regardless of their mental or socioeconomic status. The Jacob Freed Foundation recently joined forces with celebrity music producer and recording artist Timbaland, hosting a fundraising launch event. Through the Jacob Freed Foundation, Freed aims to raise awareness, reversing the detrimental effects of this staggering epidemic, and to teach those afflicted in the interim that they are capable of overcoming any obstacle.